Scalp Micropigmentation for women

Scalp Micropigmentation for men


SMP For Women

It is less common for women to lose all their hair, but it is quite common for them to notice thinning.This is in large part due to hormonal fluctuations and age.Applying the same kind of technique for scalp micropigmentation as is done for men, women come to us to have the look of hair density built in the thinning areas to detract from the appearance of the scalp skin.

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Tattooed hair follicles are placed more closely together so that the client can continue to style her hair as she likes without worry that the thinning hair condition is noticeable. Other hair loss remedies are less suitable for women (e.g., transplantation) so options are fewer.It is for this reason that SMP is the ideal treatment for women who are losing some of their hair.

Long lasting, low maintenance and cost effectiveness are the key upsides to SMP for women. Wigs and weaves limit lifestyle, SMP prevents that!

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