Scalp Micropigmentation for men

Micropigmentation for men


SMP For Men

Scalp Micropigmentation, also known as SMP, is the incredible evolution of using the meticulous art of tattoo to help address hair loss. Most men lose hair in their lifetimes, with many beginning to experience it as early as their late teens or twenties.Sure, there are dozens of remedies one can try to reverse the situation, with cost and maintenance being the primary obstacles.

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Since the look of a freshly shaved and/or very close-cut hairstyle has become so popular with men, it makes perfect sense to create that look on a balding scalp to eliminate the appearance of the scalp skin. The realism is incredible. The eye is completely tricked into believing each precisely tattooed hair follicle is real.

What’s best is that the treatment is non-invasive, comfortable, long lasting, comes with no down time and requires very little day to day maintenance.Accomplished over 2 to 5 sessions your SMP artist intricately tattoos hair follicles onto the scalp using varying complementary hues of colour to build the illusion of a shaved scalp.

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