Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Client Questions

What is SMP?

The term SMP stands for Scalp Micropigmentation. For clients suffering hair loss and baldness. SMP involves using specialized tattoo equipment to precisely create individual hair follicles over the treatment area to give the appearance of a shaved scalp or very close buzz cut. As the work is focused and meticulous, the term micropigmentation, versus tattoo is more appropriate.

What does SMP cost?

The treatment area and the extent of hair loss will dictate the number of sessions required. We are working to create thousands of natural looking hair follicles all across the scalp and this takes time. SMP is considered the most cost-effective hair loss treatment in existence today but the time it takes to accomplish your treatment is what forms the basis of the cost. A ballpark range for a full head is $XXX, for localized areas you can expect something in the range of $XXX to $XXX. A full consultation will completely inform you and at that time a quote will be prepared for you.

It doesn’t regrow hair so why is this so popular?

Many remedies over thousands of years have been attempted, without gaining much traction.Primary obstacles have always been cost, client safety, ongoing maintenance and, of course, success. SMP creates the illusion of a freshly shaved scalp that looks so remarkably real someone standing next to you will not notice. As this look is very fashionable, many clients have found it the ideal solution. They can carry on with their lives and not worry about daily maintenance, all while sporting a trendy hairstyle that looks clean, and stylish. What SMP delivers is a realistic expectation, not a false hope.

What is the maintenance like?

As SMP is tattoo, retouches are only required every few years.This is to keep your treatment looking precise and fresh.Unless you are wearing a cap all day, your scalp is always exposed, and the elements will cause slow fading, even through your car window!It is for this reason alone that touch up sessions are recommended.

Is there day to day maintenance?

This is one of the most asked questions we get. While we want you to care for the treated area to promote its longevity, there is no tedious maintenance at all. Caring for the treatment means using natural products to protect from exposure and keep the skin hydrated. SMP is the go-to treatment for busy people primarily due to the low maintenance aspect.

I have lost all the hair on my head, so how do you know how to create my hairline?

At our consultation we will go through a series of examples to help you select a hairline that you like.At all times, your artist is concerned about what is most complementary based on the shape of your skull, your bone structure and facial features, so it is important to work in partnership with your artist to ensure the most natural looking treatment.This is also true of the colours we select, which are usually several varying but complementary hues that make the final result look far more natural.

How long do sessions take?

This is focused, careful and methodical work so expect to spend anywhere from 2 to 4 hours for a treatment.We do not cut corners or rush.Our space is designed for client comfort and relaxation so consider it some time to listen to music or a podcast and take little down time while we work.

I have some hair still; do I need to shave it?

Whether or not you elect to shave your remaining hair depends on the extent of your current hair loss and making the treatment look its best.For example, if you have only some thinness then, no, we work locally to create density.If your hair loss is more extensive, it does often look best for uniformity if you shave the remaining hair.SMP does NOT harm the active follicles which are producing hair.

Does it hurt?

Any tattoo carries with it some level of discomfort. No one has called it painful. Our clients find the treatment generally quite tolerable and the level of skill we bring to the work helps us to mitigate discomfort as we do not work deeply within the scalp skin and always keep treated areas soothed with safe and calming products. If you are sensitive you can take an acetaminophen before treatment, but no other type of pain medication should be taken.

Is SMP safe?

Due to amazing advancements in the ink formulations, we use only all-natural, vegan products without harmful preservatives or synthetic ingredients.So, in short, yes, it is very safe.Our tools are all sanitized over and above expected protocols and we use only single use, disposable needles.

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